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Hi Paul here from PRwilson Media your social media personal trainer. Now we've all seen just how fast Facebook has taken to video. You've now got Live video options , all kinds of things but if you've got a page and you've got particular videos that have had a lot of engagement , that you want to show off, why not feature that video on the page and even create playlists. Let me show you how it's done.

So here I am signed in as the page, I've clicked on video and here it says featured video. So I'v e got a little button that I can click on to change the featured video , don't show one or edit the description of that video. So if I say change featured video I can choose from other videos - these are all videos that have been uploaded directly into Facebook rather than YouTube videos and certainly it's not worth sharing YouTube links into Facebook news feeds because they will not get seen. Facebook is always going to promote videos that are created and uploaded directly into Facebook.

So if I wanted to, this is the one that's selected currently and I can just select a different one, stick with that one and then say add featured video.

So that's the steps basically, you go down the left hand side and you'd say videos and then you would say feature it. Having scrolled down a little bit further now we can select playlists.

There you can see , you can edit the playlist you can add, I've got 6 videos here , I don't think there's any restrictions on how many you have in a manageable list. It's something that you can then share as updates , an entire playlist rather than just individual videos at a time. You can reorder them , you can add to them. And as I say in edit, you can edit the title and change what videos are in it.

You've got the whole video collection, if you haven't created a playlist previously you've just got all videos that you've got and there's a video library button here where you can sort through things.

Notice that you've got the option to go live and you would need professional equipment to do that from the desktop but there's certainly more and more features being added in and you've got the entire list of videos, how many views they have and all that kind of thing. And you can cross post these videos into different posts. So you can use them more than once.

So that's it from me, I'm Paul from PRwilson Media your social media personal trainer Look out for more videos on Facebook and how you use video and other general features on social media here on my YouTube channel. So please subscribe if you can. Thanks a lot, bye!