How to use Facebook Live 2017



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How to create a Facebook live video 2017

Hi Paul here from PRwilson Media your social media personal trainer.

OK, you're ready to take the plunge. You want to go live with your first video on to Facebook, Live, in the moment, streamed to anyone who's there - sounds a bit daunting?

Well I'll show you there's an easy way as you see here , I've selected "only me" so what I'm going to do is record the video live, but only I get to see it. Oh and you as well. Here we go!

So there it is the go live button. You are ready to press it but think about what it says up here. If , in your drop down it says "only me" that's fine, because it's just going to go to you only. Whereas if you click on the drop down the norm would be either public or friends. So do make sure it's set to only me before we begin.

Just one quick note on that, it may change just to say specific friends but if it's just you that's included that's fine.

Right, so let's go for it. Let's go for the go live button. So we bring it up and you can describe your video. So there we are you can see the camera , it's automatically picked up my camera on the phone, and I'm going to click go live.

Three, two, one, Hi this is Paul from PRwilson Media and I'm demonstrating right now how you can record live video. Here we go.

And click finish, wait for it to end , and now it's post your replay. So if you thought that went well, you can change in the drop down and say let's post it to public or even post to different pages but I'm just going to say post privately for now. So I can now access that if I go to Facebook here, scroll down to my own posts and if I click on my picture and just bring up my own posts, there it is. And I'll play that for you now. "Hi this is Paul from PRwilson Media and I'm demonstrating " ....I said all that without moving my lips! So you can see you can practice this as many times as you like , knowing safely that it's going to just go to yourself and then when you get the hang of it you can just go straight live , straight to everyone on your page. OK, so there you have it, a way to go live without having to do it absolutely live and think I can't take that back. But really you should just play around with it, have a go, and that's what these tutorials are here for. Just to show you ways that can make life so much easier. So please do subscribe and keep in touch with all of my latest videos on step-by-step instructions on Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn , Instagram. They are all organized into different playlists, just visit my channel at PRwilson Media and click the red subscribe button. Please let me know in the comments below how you get on with your live videos. I'm Paul from PRwilson Media your social media personal trainer. Cheers!